How to Tell if a Girl Likes You : Ultimate Guide

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REMEMBER: These Steps Are Really POWERFUL. Let Us Show You “how to tell if a girl likes you”.

Girls have a diverse spectrum of physical and emotional ways of expressing their feelings for the guy they are attracted to. Since women have a lot of emotional subtleties and complex conundrums in their minds, it is often very difficult to actually understand what they want, when they want and how they want. Dudes and chicks think in a very different perspective over a lot of things.

All the more, due to the oncoming advancements in social media like dating apps and other ways of communication, a guy really has understand what a girl wants. If he lets his guard off, then he may end up losing the girl he is really into. So, in all, to cope up with the scenario, all guys need to tune in to the relationship radar.

But, you guys don’t need to worry. If you really want to know “how to tell if a girl likes you”,You just need to pay heed to the signs! What signs, you must be wondering! Every girl who is attracted to a guy always gives a hint that she likes him. Even though those hints are unintentional as she doesn’t mean to show too much, you just need to pay attention to all her moves.

Here are some steps that you may follow if you want to know how can you tell if a girl likes you or not. Remember, the signs!

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How to Tell if a Girl Likes You : The Ultimate Steps

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Step 1: Commence a short talk. Be valiant, boys!

Now, if you really want to tell if a girl likes you, then, you need to make sure that you listen to everything she says. Girls always want someone to support them when they are vulnerable or happy. They love to have a companion who listens to everything she wants to share. Remember, sharing feelings to someone you think special matters to every girl. If a girl likes you, she will remember even the minute details in your conversation and she expects the same from you since she likes you. So, remember pay attention to what she says and how she says it and whether she gives any kind of special gesture, it will come in handy later.

  • She may bring up a movie/concert or anything that you may have interest in so that she can ask you to hang out with her.
  • She may repeat the words that you say most often. If a girl likes you she may unknowingly use the words or expressions that you often use.
  • It is possible that when you are having a conversation with her, she agrees to whatever you say. She may agree to almost everything even if she personally doesn’t approve of those things. If a girl who likes you may agree on things she earlier disagreed with.
  • She may ask your advice on things that aren’t even important. It may be anything related to her life, if a girl really likes you, she will always look out for you for a piece of advice as she always wants to find ways of talking to you. She might really be interested you view on that particular matter or it may be a way of starting a conversation with you.


Does she remember random facts or opinions which you may have said a long time back but you yourself don’t remember? This is the sign, man!

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 2: Her behaviour when she is hanging out with you

Consider situation you and your friends are going out somewhere and you have invited her with her friends. You need to look for how she behaves in such a scenario.

  • If she dresses very well in a way she doesn’t dress up normally and when you compliment her, she acts dismissive, that means that girl is really into you.
  • For a girl, it is really important the way she looks in front of the guy she likes. Dress, hair, and stuff like that needs to be perfect when she is around you.
  • She laughs really hard when you’re near her, and she makes sure that she is really engaged with whomsoever she is talking to.
  • She will try to avoid eye contact with you even if she is standing in the same group and looks at the person standing next to you.

Now, consider a scenario that you all are present in some party. Now, notice how she behaves.

  • Does she spend parties dancing in your line of sight? Does she seem to enjoy party but at the same time taking a glance at you whenever she gets a chance to? Does she walk from besides you again and again trying to say hello to friends which are standing near you somewhere? If yes, then this means she is really into you, man!
  • Does she all of a sudden become buddy-buddy with your friends?

Now, consider another scenario when you’re outside and it is really cold, and she starts to shiver due to the cold weather. This is a subtle hint that she wants you to give her your jacket. Not only she wants your jacket, she wants you to put it on her shoulders.

Remember, every girl fantasises of romantic moments with the guy she likes.

  • Does she come up with reasons to be near you, interact with you or maybe be alone with you?
  • Whenever you are talking to her group, she may seem the most talkative.
  • She even tries to build rapport. She may mention your girlfriend, even though don’t have one.
  • If in any conversation, it may comes up that you like something; she will make sure that she says that she likes it too.
  • She may ask you a lot of questions or may even compliment you.

If by chance, she seems a bit disappointed when you offer her your jacket that means you need to move on.

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 3: Check out for gestures suggesting signs of flirting

You must know a thing as a fact that some girls who really like someone have no idea that they are flirting. In such a case, for that matter, the girl is really into you because her subconscious is letting her body language do the talking.

Now, there can be two scenarios.
First, if her friends are around you should pay heed to them also. Some girls always think the guy is suited the best for her if he gets along with her friends.

Second, if you talk to her friends, make sure you don’t start flirting with them. If she sees you flirting around with other girls, then, she will assume that you have lost interest in her and will give up the thought of being with you.

  • If a girl hugs you quite often that is a sign that she is into you. These hugs are exclusively for you.
  • If you’re in a crowded room, the girl who likes you will have a hard time getting her eyes off of you. Her eyes appear to follow you around, wherever you go in that room.

And most importantly, if a girl flirts with you that don’t always mean that she is into you. She may flirt around with her male friends also. You must look out for the “signs” mentioned above.

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 4: Consider the social media

Do you know that girls also use social media as a sign of being into you?

  • She sends an article or a video or a link you have talked about in your previous conversation.
  • Or it may happen that she seems to tag you in posts quite often.
  • She listens to songs on Spotify and hopes that you will see them in her facebook feed.
  • She likes all the pages that you have liked in your Facebook profile and see seems to listen to your favourite bands even though she may not like them before meeting with you.
  • She fears everyday that you might find out that she visits your facebook profile many times in a day.
  • She stays online in all the social networking websites and texting apps that you are registered on so that you may somehow talk to her.
  • She takes advantage of every single opportunity to “@” you on twitter.
  • She texts you something random about something unimportant that happened in her day just to start a conversation. She also sends you a lot of winkey faces and smilies while chatting with you on whatsapp. She takes a lot of time and effort to reply to your messages as she thinks a lot since she likes you.
  • She replies to a group message to just make sure that you know she is around.
  • She tweets about things that you may like but are not directly about you.
  • She may check your profile for girls you have recently dated, for photographs of the girls you’ve been with.

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 5: Look out for when she accidentally touches you

Physical contact may mean a lot for a girl to express her feelings towards you. If an occasional playful punch or a sudden quick touch comes from the girl’s end, this means quite a lot!

  • If you are sitting on the same bench as her, she will try to sit closer to you than to the people on your side. She may accidently graze her arms with you in a swift motion.
  • If a girl finds excuses quite often to bump into you or touching your hair in a casual yet meaningful way, there is nothing more you need. You should just play along with her as these kinds of gestures really mean a lot to a girl.

 Now, it may even be possible that she is a shy girl and may not be so comfortable in expressing her feelings by touching you. But that doesn’t mean that she is not into you. It may be possible that she is just isn’t ready to express her feelings yet or she is too nervous to put forward her feelings into action.

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 6: Observe her gaze

If a girl likes you, she will tend to look at you for a fraction of seconds and then turn away from your face. It may be possible that she unknowingly looks at you for a long time and then, when she realizes what she is doing she pulls away her head as soon as you make eye contact with her. It is possible that her pupils are dilating, keep checking out her eyes.

Any of these scenarios may mean that the girl may be really into you.

  • If a girl is glancing at you and you see love in her eyes and smile on her face it may mean that the girl really likes you and may even make the first move.

Remember, you must always look at the girl with a smile on your face. Girls like guys who smile often, who are happy and have a happy-go-lucky attitude.

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 7: Her friends may give you the greatest hint

Girls always talk about all the things that matter to her with her close friends. If she is attracted to you, she cannot hold her feelings for you within her and will always tell her the way she feels to her friends.

  • It may happen that whenever you are around her friends, they start laughing or giggling, then, this probably means that she has shared about her feelings for you with them.
  • Now, it may happen that she is talking to her friends and when you come into that circle all of a sudden, she stops talking. This may mean that you were the topic of that conversation.
  • If the girl really likes you, then, it may happen that any of her friends that are your friends too may come to you and ask questions like who would you date if you get a chance or may even ask about your crushes. If this kind of situation crops up, then it means they are trying to get a hint on how you feel about her.

Look out for the moments when her friends are teasing her whenever you are around and she is like “Just stop it, guys!”.

 how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 8: Body language

Some girls are shy while others are outgoing. You need to look out for it yourself. Notice the way she talks, the way she walks with you, the way she looks at you. The way a girl behaves while she is around you can be a major giveaway about her feelings for you. Does she lean in towards you? Are her legs crossed?

  • While eyes are the most serene and subtle part of her, they are the staircases to her soul.
  • A girl’s look can reflect a wide array of her feelings may it be fear, sadness, happiness.
  • Does she smile whenever you start talking to her? She may turn away and stop smiling so that you don’t notice but starts looking at you again and again in small intervals of time. Are her pupils dilated? If yes, she really likes you.
  • She may look away from you whenever you return your gaze but if she is looking straight into your eyes while talking to you and acting too casual about it, it means there is a chance that she doesn’t have any interest in you.
  • Now, if you think she likes you, then, you may complimenting her and notice how she behaves.
  • Look if she’s playing with her hair. If the girl is repeatedly touching her hair whether to make amends to it because they want to look perfect or simply playing with them, it means she is interested in you.
  • She laughs on your silly, boring jokes. If you tell the same joke to your friends, they may not laugh on them but she laughs a lot and even seems to enjoy them.
  • If a girl has her torso turning towards you, it means that she is confident in talking to you. If her body is in a closed position, it may mean that she is nervous and shy enough to talk to you.
  • Does she instantly smile at you when you look at her and her eyes shine brightly suggesting that nothing can be as lovely as whatever is in front of her at that time (probably you)? She may smile at you for no reason. A girl who is interested in you may have a hard time in containing her smile and thus may end up in smiling every time you are around her.
  • Look at her lips. If she touches them with her fingers quite often or bites it with her teeth or her lips quiver slightly when you look at her, you can be almost assured of the fact that she really likes you. Does she lick her lips a lot while looking at you? If she does so, it is a possibility that on a subconscious level, she finds you really attractive.
  • She crosses her legs with one always pointing towards you. This happens to her unknowingly, but you must be aware and take notice of it because it may be a sign that the girl is really into you.
  • She may unknowingly tilt her head a bit when she is talking to you due to out of her interest in you.
  • Does she squeeze your arm gently when you make her laugh or whenever you are telling her a story? Does she keep her arm on your shoulder whenever she meets you?

Always pay attention to the girl’s body language. You should always look for those signs!

how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you,does she like me,signs a girl likes you,how to tell if a shy girl likes you

Step 9: Look for the times when she helps you out

If she is there for you whenever you need help, then, it is quite possible that the girl is really into you. Notice all the things that she does for you. You should try asking for her help in small issues or even try asking for small things like a pen and notice her reaction to it. If she reaches out to you whenever you need help, try asking for some more help in other things. You may try asking help for a problem. The problem should neither be too difficult or too easy to solve. If she is eager to help you anytime you want somebody’s help, it is highly likely that the girl really likes you.

But remember not to overdo anything as that might create a problem for you in future, or may even end up in her thinking that you are nothing less than a nuisance.

Step 10: Reach out to her

Last but not the least, if it appears to you that she is really into you, then, you must muster the courage to ask her out. But do remember that even if the girl may seem really confident to you, it may be possible that she had some bad experience in the past and may even not be ready to approach to. In that case, you should always try to be a best friend to that girl and get to know more about her. When she feels comfortable, you may confess your feelings to her.

Since you have noticed the way she looks at you, the way she smiles at you whenever you come across her, you may just tell her how you feel. Some people wait and believe for the right time to come, but if you really think that the girl likes you and you also like her, you should really confess to her.

But most importantly, there is no need of over-analyzing any girl. Just take opportunities to spend time with her whenever time permits to do so.

You should always get to know the person first and start off as being a good friend to her.

But, you must also make sure that you are out of the friend-zone. If you try to be too friendly for her, it may be possible that the girl who once liked you comes to believe that you consider her nothing more than just a friend.

So these were the steps that you may take which will always tell you if a girl likes you or not and how to tell if a girl likes you. If you really look out for these signs, it may be possible that the girl is heads over heels for you!

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Telling whether a woman likes you is a hard thing to do through an instant message/texting. More often than not, it is much less demanding to discern whether a girl likes you when addressing her in person than it is through messaging. Non-verbal correspondence is clearer when somebody is remaining before you. There are sure non-verbal hints used as a part of instant messages that, if recognized, can give you with a smart thought of regardless of whether specific text messages are dependably somewhat dubious since you don’t have the person criticism that you get when you are talking with her in person (hearing or seeing her responses).

If you are occupied with her, it’s better to attempt to welcome her out on the town or have a go at chatting on the phone to determine if the girl likes you. If your inquiry is she likes you through the text messages, it’s hardly impossible to tell. Unless she lets you know that she is occupied with you and appreciates your conversation. Girls have advanced throughout the years, they are entirely open and active now, don’t botch her cordial nature to be her liking for you, get together a few guts and ask her correctly before another person does. However, if your inquiry is still whether she prefers you or not? She won’t be messaging you if she has no interest in you. How to tell if a girl likes you over text on Facebook ? Anyway, here are a few signs that would confirm  she likes you over the text:

How to tell if a girl likes you Over text

  1. If she sends you a message that is intended to be taken as entertaining or arbitrary, and it’s unexpected, she most likely needs to play with you. If she is requesting headings or something fundamental, she is likely requiring bearings. She’ll raise inside jokes as an approach to break the ice. Any “breaking the ice” subjects are a decent sign that she enjoys you. If you have no clue why she’s beginning a discussion through content, and it appears to be humorous, she unquestionably loves you. How to tell if a girl likes you over text,how to tell if a girl likes you,how to know if a girl likes you over text
  2. If she raises any highlighting words, for example, shower, bed, or changing dress, she may be a tease. Girls are not as immediate, and these appear like hot trendy expressions to toss to check whether you respond. girls who do this won’t search for a relationship, but rather something all the more short term. In any case, they’re most likely coquettish.
  3. If she gets some information about her looks, for example, whether her hair is wavy or straight, this is on account of she needs to comprehend what engages you. Same runs with what hues suit her, which of her outfits you like best, and so forth. Women may get peculiar or bashful away If you turn out to be excessively unmistakable or sexual. Be a refined man to her so you don’t crack her out. Girls are more touchy in some courses about dialect, so consider the likely impact of a guiltless allusion around 5Xs (Hugs in the text) preceding sending.
  4. She will have a variety of handles for you. If you get a message with more than ONE moniker (emoticon), she enjoys you. If she gets you out for something or energetically teases you, she’s OK with you and might be coy. If she says, “Ugh! Huh or Eww” or anything similar that is not an incredible reaction. If she messages you about her family or pets, she presumably needs you to know them and partners you with them or is near her family.
  5. Same goes for messaging you about anything active or charming. She probably relates you with those emotions. Truly, once I messaged a person about puppies that I saw from my auto. I wasn’t messaging him about puppies. I was honestly saying “I wish you were here and we would both catch these puppies and play with them, because these puppies are adorable and you’re cute” Sometimes this is the thing that ladies are truly feeling, and they attempt to tone it down so you won’t flee. He wound up loving the puppy content, coincidentally.
  6. If she compliments your solid arms, shoulders, or how you embrace, she’s attempting to locate a friendly approach to say she loves when you touch her.
  7. If she discusses different folks to you, this isn’t great. Folks now and again consider the girls they get a kick out of the chance to the young woman they truly like; girls don’t do that. If they let you know about folks they like, in all likelihood they consider you to be a friend. Young girls keep their business private when they think they may have a chance with you.
  8. If starting the discussion dependably falls on your shoulders, chances are, she is not extremely intrigued. Then again, If she begins the discussion time after time, she won’t be intrigued, either. At the point when a girl enjoys a person, she will probably attempt to demonstrate her enthusiasm without being excessively evident or looking overly destitute. Thus, she will begin in any event half of your discussions if not most, but rather presumably won’t start every one of them. If a girl starts every one of them, it could be an indication that she does not agonize over appearing to be penniless because she just considers you to be a friend.
  9. Regardless of the fact that the girl is enticed to hold tight your each word, most girls will fight the temptation. If anything, a girl who likes you will probably end a content discussion first with an end goal to demonstrate that she is intriguing and has a connecting with social life even without you. At the point when a girl closes most messaging discussions with something like, “Gotta go, I’m making a beeline for a film with my BFF,” she could be intrigued. Assuming, in any case, she just quits messaging as opposed to stating farewell, she is most likely not intrigued.
  10. A formal check is a bit much, of course, but rather give careful consideration of how frequently she uses emoticons and which ones she uses most. The often used emoticon a young lady will play with is the winking face. The all the more regularly she uses an emoticon wink, the more probable it is that she feels weak at the knees over you. Standard grins might mean the same thing, yet wide grins are another great sign. A reddening emoticon and a “kiss face” emoticon may likewise visit her writings if she likes you.

So We think that now you have your answer of ” how to tell if a girl likes you over text ” and you can tell a girl that you like her over text.

There are certain things that are tend to happen consciously or subconsciously when a person is attracted towards you.  Even with the girls that are quiet subtle in expressing their feeling to their loved ones, it has always been their body language that came to confess their love before the in-person proposals. So how to tell if a girl likes you body language ?

These days, guys are always able to get their girl emotionally attached to them but quiet often they do not come to know because of their lack of ability to decode a girl’s body language signs. To be able to start a relationship successfully or to sustain a relationship a guy needs to know all these body language signs mentioned below.

How to tell if a girl likes you body language

How to tell if a girl likes you body language,How to tell if a girl likes you,How to know if a girl likes you body language

Body language signs guys need to watch out for

  • Keeps her palms upturned:

This sign differs from girl to girl. Some girls are quiet expressive of their feelings while some try not to take any rash action while in a relationship. When a girl is comfortable with the guy she likes, she quiet often tries to get in physical touch with him and what better can it be than the guy himself taking the initiative to hold her hand as he talks to her regarding some sensitive matter. (I hope you get what I meant by palms upturned)

  • Touches you quiet often:

How to tell if a girl likes you body language,How to tell if a girl likes you,How to know if a girl likes you body language

Take note of little hints like briefly placing her hand on your knee, touching your hair, gently patting you when she laughs at jokes etc. She will often be searching for ways by which she can get in physical contact with you some time it comes in the form of holding your hand to guide you to a particular place.

These types of cues should be carefully noted as they convey a lot of messages regarding their interest in a guy.

  • Pays attention to you when you are with other girls:

How to tell if a girl likes you body language,How to tell if a girl likes you,How to know if a girl likes you body language

It is natural for a girl who likes you to get jealous and pay attention to you when you are with other girls. While with other girls, take notice of her activities. If suddenly turns her head away when she notices you are looking this means it’s a sign to get happy for.

A point to be taken care of here is:

Guys often find it chivalrous to talk to other girls more often when she is around, but this act of chivalry might turn out to be disastrous for you guys. Some girls consider such guys as playboys and try to get away from them while sometimes they assume they have no chance on you and eventually lose interest.

Neither an article nor a ten thousand page book is enough to contain every possible fact regarding a girl’s elusive behavior, but I am quite sure that you got a good hint from this article regarding the body language signs of a girl to confirm that she likes you. I hope now you would pay good attention to these cues given by the body language of girls and would be able to decode them to know that she likes you.